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It's a 'One Way Express' to target: FUNDRAISE CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED!

Dear all,

Apologies again for not posting sooner, but I've been in the midst of various priorities on the project. The first is that I launched a special fundraising campaign on Indie Gogo just over 2 weeks ago, in order for us to complete all filming on a 2nd and final shoot across Canada and America.

I'm thrilled to announce that we've now raised OVER HALF OUR TARGET BUDGET of $8,500, and I've been thoroughly impressed by people's efforts to bring us this far in a short period of time. We now have 3 Associate Producers (one of them only today), and 2 Executive Producers as a result, so I'd like to formally welcome them aboard. But I still need YOUR HELP. We need to keep the momentum going, in order to reach that target.

The link to the campaign is:

And there are only 33 DAYS REMAINING.

After receiving a generous contribution earlier the evening, we now stand at $4,525.

There are several perks and rewards to be had, including YOUR CHANCE to become an ASSOCIATE or EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. If you'd rather not become one, you can be credited under "Special Thanks", or contribute in return for exclusive "Airwolf Themes" prizes. Amongst the perks are unique "Supporter's Edition" copies of the final DVD, which nobody else will be able to purchase, and we've been able to offer a number of outstanding incentives, with a select group of cast & crew, including writer/producer Burton Armus, concept designer/illustrator Andrew Probert, "Marella" herself, Deborah Pratt, and the legendary father-and-son pilot team, Peter McKernan, SNR & JR.

SNR was the owner of Jetcopters, the supplier of all aircraft featured on the show, and JR became Aerial Coordinator in the 3rd Season, after the incomparable David Jones' departure. To extend on Burt and co, Burt handled the scripts for the classic 1st Season, including the penning of 'Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n', 'One Way Express' & 'Fight Like a Dove'. Andrew designed the helicopter, cockpit, flight-suits & helmets, logo and the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" insignia. Finally, Deborah made her screenwriting debut with the outstanding 2nd Season episode, 'Fallen Angel', before becoming Head Writer and Co-Exec. Producer on Don Bellisario's science-fiction series, "Quantum Leap".

I'm aware in a previous post that I stated the initial target for the campaign was $7k, but we require a little more than 3 weeks for shooting, and Indie Gogo deduct platform fees from the final amount raised. I've also chosen flexible funding, rather than fixed. The difference is, if we don't reach the target, whatever money has been raised (minus 9% to Indie) is retained. If it were fixed, and we don't reach the target, all money will of been refunded, after all that work, effort and time.

The target budget of $8,500 will afford myself and our USA lighting cameraman, Eric Shepherd, time to travel to TORONTO and VANCOUVER to cover Season 4, and I already have 16 cast & crew from that production secured for interviews. Following that, it will enable us to travel back to CALIFORNIA, to meet the stunt, camera, grip, sound editing, costume, visual and miniature effects departments; culminating in a SPECIAL REUNION with them and the 40+ cast & crew interviewed last year.

Onto the second update. I launched a dedicated Twitter account not long after the campaign went live. Previously, the one that was linked to the button on the right menu of this page was my personal feed. It is now connected to a stand-alone one, to promote the documentary on the social media network.

You can find it by clicking on the FOLLOW button, or at:

Next up, we entered post-production a few weeks back. Countless, endless hours were spent assorting and assemlbing paper edits, to hand over to the editor, Nick Light. At present, he's occupied with sorting through those, and we hope to have a full story picture cut of the entire documentary (with the footage we currently have, and there's a colossal amount; 42 interviews) by the end of the year. It will lessen the burden of tackling such a large amount of work, when we return from that final shoot next year. On the next edit update, we'll detail the indexes of how the film will be structured, but for now, a little teaser:


Design & Build

Pilot Episode


Sections 2 and 3 are already a considerable length. 2 will be sub-divided into five segments, and 3 into eleven, so no one will have reason to complain about too short a running time!

Speaking of those 42 interviews, one of those was shot recently, following my previous blog post in late May. I came into contact with 2nd/3rd Season composer, Udi Harpaz, and as it occured, he was scheduled to be in London on business within two weeks of enquiring. It was a hectic rush, but the interview was secured and filmed last month. Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot to post from the shoot, since it was shot by a different cameraman on a different setup, but in time, there'll be one, along with Ray Austin, who I'm aware I promised to have one from his interview online. Again, that was also recorded on a camera which isn't particularly friendly when it comes to playback (because of insane file sizes and video formats).

But that's where we stand at the moment. Again, I sincerely need and would appreciate ANY and ALL HELP with the campaign, whether it's making a contribution between $10 and $1000, or spreading the word to everyone you know. You never know just who will come forward to make a donation. It will go a long way, and I'll be indebted to you for your support.

Once again, the link to the campaign is:

And there are only 33 DAYS REMAINING.

As I state on the campaign page, let's make this the most unprecedented, unrivalled and in-depth retrospective documentary on any television series produced.

Thanks again and best regards,



The producer of the forthcoming "AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES" album, Mark J. Cairns, and his orchestrator/associate producer, Jan Michal Szulew, continue to work solid on the anticipated sequel soundtrack to "AIRWOLF THEMES". Check-in with their individual blogs for updates and preview teasers of the all-new tracks.

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