Tuesday, 4 September 2012

NEXT...on the AIRWOLF Documentary!

Dear all,

Tonight, we have a special update for you. An exclusive, 5-minute PROMO, showcasing the cast & crew of "AIRWOLF", discussing the unforgettable theme music and episodic scores by the show's leading composer, Sylvester Levay.


With sincere thanks to co-producer Mark J. Cairns for cutting this, and producing the "azimuth" motion graphics based on those designed for the series, it's a fantastic preview I hope you'll enjoy.

It's also to push forward the IMMINENT deadline for the fundraising campaign. There is only 11 DAYS LEFT.

It ends NEXT Friday, 14th September.

If you haven't already made a contribution, and have been planning to do so (as I'm aware from three long-serving fans they are), I would hugely appreciate it if you could submit as soon as possible, so we have a better idea of how much we'll be left to raise in the final week. I don't mean to push at all, as we've done well so far, but there's just under $3,500 remaining to gather, and time's catching up on us.

Many thanks once again everyone and regards,


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