Monday, 5 December 2011

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can hire: "THE AD-TEAM"

Dear all,

2nd week and the 2nd batch of stills. As we interviewed nine of them, I thought I'd post those of the Assistant Directors. Like any scripted production, be it television or film, the AD's really are the unsung heroes of the show. They're there from the crack of dawn to the very end of the shooting day, keeping everyone and everything in check, so that it all runs smoothy.

Of course, on a show as heavily ambitious and demanding as "AIRWOLF", it never always went according to plan, and the gentlemen below didn't shy away from sharing those experiences and challenges. It could be said that is an understatement, if what they told is anything to go by. But thanks to it being a boom and a bang "boys and their toys" series, there were many stand-out moments to be had; usually involving those mesmerising explosions, the unforgettable flying of David Jones, and a special Academy Award winning cast member.

(NOTE: I stated nine AD's, but only eight appear below. That's because Tom Blank, who became Unit Production Manager after just three episodes of serving as a 1st, would continue in that role till the end of the 2nd Season. He also directed two episodes in that season, so we're classifying him as an episode director).

R. JOHN SLOSSER (1st assistant director - season 1)

RYAN GORDON (2nd and 1st assistant director - seasons 1 & 2)

LOUIS RACE (2nd assistant director - season 1)

WARREN GRAY (2nd and 1st assistant director - seasons 2 & 3)

RICHARD ABRAMITIS (2nd assistant director - season 2)

ROBERT NELLANS and SCOTT CAMERON (2nd assistant directors - season 3)

BOB BENDER (1st assistant director - season 3)

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