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"From all of us here at AIRWOLF...Season's Greetings!"

Dear all,

For the 4th and final post for 2011, and on CHRISTMAS DAY itself, here are the final eight men we interviewed during the principal shoot in October and November. As some people have enquried whether further cast and crew will be "secured"; as a reminder to my first post, the production will be returning back to LA next year to do just that.

Once again, it has NOT been decided whether the 4th Season team will be interviewed. Next month may see a decision on that.

For now though, this final batch of cast and crew either worked on just the one episode, or served in their individual roles throughout the series. Some were responsible for the distinctive look, pace and feel of the show, while some are owed the respect of earning "AIRWOLF" the accolade of being the first ever television production to win not one, but three stuntman awards in 1986. Here they are:

DEAN WEIN and W.K. STRATTON ('Chuck St. Clair' and 'Mark Gordon'; Moffett's pair of sinister cohorts in the 'Pilot' episode. Wein also guest-starred in Season 2's 'Random Target', while Stratton was yet another Bellisario favourite, doing his first show "Black Sheep Squadron", then portraying Commander Ted Lindsey on "J.A.G.")

ED FROMMER (Utility Player and regular Background Artist)
GREG BARNETT and CHUCK HICKS (right-to-left: two of the stuntmen responsible for the show's '86 Stuntman Association awards in the 3rd Season episode, 'Annie Oakley')

HARVEY LAIDMAN (director of 4 classic episodes. 'Proof Through the Night' & 'Echoes From the Past' in the 1st Season; 'Kingdom Come' and 'The Deadly Circle' in Season 3)
MICHAEL BERMAN and LEON ORTIZ-GIL (the editors of The Wolf. Michael cut the fan-favourites 'Moffett's Ghost', 'HX1', 'Airwolf II' and 'Day of Jeopardy' amongst others. For Leon, he co-edited the two-hour 'Pilot' movie, and served as Associate Producer for the entire series, being responisible for every aerial battle sequence)

MICHAEL SNYDER (post-production associate producer. Handled the "revolutionary" computer graphics for the monitors of "AIRWOLF's" rear cockpit control)
RICK SHUSTER and KEVIN LaROSA (stunt & camera pilots for Seasons 2 and 3)

TOM BLANK (a "jack of all-trades", literally. 1st Assistant Director for the 'Pilot', 'Bite of the Jackal' and 'One Way Express' in Season 1, then promoted to Unit Production Manager. He would stay in this role till the end of the 2nd Season, during which he directed two episodes; 'Condemned' & 'Eruption')
And that's your lot for this year, folks. Throughout 2012, I'll be keeping you informed about the post-production of the documentary, and those additional shoots I'm working towards in the Autumn (that's the Fall for you Stateside fans)

Until then, here's the cast wishing you a Happy Christmas in December, 1985. They're stood in-front of the Jetcopters hanger in Van Nuys, CA, that served not only as the base and supplier of the aerial unit and their helicopters, but which the art department dressed as Dominic Santini's air charter service, Santini Air.

CBS Airwolf: Season's Greetings from the CAST

The producer of the forthcoming "AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES" album, Mark J. Cairns, and his orchestrator/associate producer, Jan Michal Szulew, have been working flat-out on the highly-anticipated sequel soundtrack, to the original best-selling "AIRWOLF THEMES". Check-in with their individual blogs for updates and preview teasers from the all-new tracks, by clicking on their names above.

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